Crucix is a brand used by Simon Kershaw
to cover software development,
book design and typesetting and other activities.
The primary area is at
and in software and resources for the liturgy and calendar
for desktop and mobile devices.

Crucix also specializes in liturgical typesetting,
book design and editorial services.

For further information contact

Simon Kershaw writes:
I have used the Crucix brand continuously since 2000, when I coined the word and registered this domain From 2002 until 2012 Crucix Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company, registered in England and Wales, number 4493875, and I was director and sole shareholder. This company was dissolved in 2012. I have become aware that a new company with the same name has subsequently been registered by another party (company registration 8803255, December 2013).
I wish to make it clear that this new company has absolutely no connection with me, nor with the original Crucix, and it does not exist or trade with my goodwill. I continue to use and to claim all rights to the use of the Crucix brand and any associated goodwill, including but not limited to trademark rights, and including but not limited to the subject areas listed above (software development, book design and typesetting, liturgical and related editorial work, liturgical software, web site design), and including but not limited to all use of the domain name
Simon Kershaw, August 2014.